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Hayfever & Histamine

As lucky as we are to be surrounded by gorgeous plant and wildlife at this time of year, it can be utter hell for those of us afflicted with hayfever!

Some of the best tips I can give are: *local honey - start eating the honey produced closest to your home early in the year for the best effect *quercetin - lots of these products come with B5, bromelain, pycnogenol, msm, magnesium and other additions, best again to start early! *eating apples, onions and garlic for lots of natural quercetin, I for one get relief 5 mins after I eat an apple! *avoid high histamine foods and drinks - anything canned, jarred, smoked etc, fermented foods and drinks, alcohol, tea and coffee, tomatoes, bananas, nuts, strawberries, salty snacks, beans and pulses (this is not an exhaustive list but it's a great start) *haymax balm creates a barrier to catch pollen before it heads up your nose, use liberally around nostrils *don't dry linens and clothes outside - pollen can accumulate whilst they're drying and cause you problems when worn, slept in etc. *wash your face as soon as you wake and after you've been outside *try to make sure you get lots of foods with zinc, magnesium, vitamin B6, iron and a little copper - they make up the enzyme which helps us get rid of histamine *euphrasia is wonderful for soothing sore, itchy eyes

Don't hide away at home, come and see me for more information if you want to ditch the summer sneezes (and who doesn't feel like a pariah at the moment when they sneeze in public )

If you're local to me (Cranleigh, Surrey) then there are some awesome, locally produced, raw honeys available at @thenaturallifeshop on Cranleigh High Street. Pop down and say hi!

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