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Scarlett, Surrey

“I’ve had digestive problems all of my life.  I’ve been vegetarian since 1979 and was diagnosed in 1999 (after testing) with a delayed milk allergy, so also became dairy free at that point.  Unfortunately, the years of eating and drinking dairy resulted in diverticular disease so I also have intolerances to refine sugar, onions and seeds.  Despite staying off these foods, my digestion was getting worse (I’d got to the point where I was taking a spare pair of jeans out with me!) and it wasn’t until Jodie suggested I try the Fodmap diet last summer that life took a decided turn for the better.  I now feel normal for the first time in many years and it seems that I have intolerances also to cauliflower and mushrooms (so also Quorn, although I can have one portion of these foods without incident). Providing I stay off these foods I am fine and happily, I’m also now able to eat other foods, like pulses, which I previously couldn’t tolerate.  I am very grateful indeed!”

REB, Surrey

Jodie has helped me immensely. She has worked with both myself and my GP to aid me in keeping control of my health as I approach the age at which GP's like to start with lifestyle medications. So far we have been very successful in managing with changes to my diet and some targeted supplements to keep me healthy. I'm very grateful for her ongoing support.