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I work with a programme structure. Every programme is based on a minimum of 3 appointments. 


The first appointment will be a fact finding mission. We go through the issues that have brought you to see me, I will take a full history from you and we can discuss whether clinical testing options are needed to delve into what has happened to get you to this point. If you are currently taking medications, I will review the impact of those and see whether there is any possibility they are contributing to your symptoms. I will provide you with a plan detailing the foods you need to include and/or reduce, lifestyle areas you can address to minimise your symptoms and their root cause and possibly supplements to support you whilst we bring your diet and daily routine up to a place that you can maintain whilst feeling great.

Our second appointment will go through how you've been getting on with your plan, successes and challenges, what changes you've noticed in your symptoms etc. If we decided on testing, we will go through the results and discuss the impact. I will tweak your plan to reflect everything we discuss and we'll book in for your third appointment.

Ongoing appointments will largely reflect the second appointment unless new symptoms, diagnoses etc. come to light. If you wish to continue with your sessions after your programme concludes, we can organise that either session by session or you can book another programme.

Bronze Programme 

3 appointments

Designed to allow you to monitor your progress and make tweaks and changes along the way. We can look at any test results you have from the doctor and build a plan to suit your needs. Appointments would be held over a period of 12 weeks, with 6 weeks between. Frequency of appointments can be altered according to need.

Silver Programme

3 appointments & 2 Calls

More suitable if you have ongoing concerns such as an ongoing health challenge or condition which you would like to learn to manage effectively. Appointments and calls are again at 6 week intervals, allowing you 6 months to get to grips with the changes you're making with support along the way.

Gold Programme

5 appointments - recommended alongside DNAFit testing

This package allows us to drill down in to your genetic predispositions for certain conditions as well as allowing us to be really specific and targeted in recommendations for food, lifestyle and supplements. It even allows us to be super specific about what type of exercise you are genetically best suited to! We can really go to town on piecing together a truly individual plan, written specifically with your DNA in mind. 

Preventative Wellness Programme - COMING SOON

DNAFit, DUTCH+, Homocysteine, Metabolic, GIEcologiX and vitamin D testing are included in the cost of this programme

This programme is designed to help you get ahead of future health concerns. With all the data up front, we can see exactly what's going on inside and create a plan for you to maximise your health and fitness for the future. No one wants to start feeling weak, frail or sick as they age, this programme has the goal of helping you to feel as young as possible and as well as possible for as long as possible.

Weekly 10 min Accountability Calls

If you're like 99.9% of the population (myself included in some situations!), then having someone to be accountable to, until you're feeling confident enough to be accountable to yourself, can be extremely helpful. We can arrange a quick 10 minute catch up on a weekly basis to keep you on track and motivated. It also allows us to catch any bumps in the road before they de-motivate you completely!

Appointments are held via web meetings (e.g. Practice Better, Skype, Zoom, Google Duo etc.) as well as face to face. Please allow up to 1hr 30 mins for your first appointment.

Clinical testing is available at an extra fee where not already bundled in to a package. Fees are set by the laboratories and are charged at RRP. 

Vitamin D tests are recommended alongside all programmes in light of the current global health crisis, which has thrown light on to just how widespread vitamin D deficiency is in the global population. These are available through me, for a cost of £32.50, where not available through your local GP. 

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