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I always work with a package structure for new clients. Every package is based on a minimum of 3 appointments. 


The first appointment will be a fact finding mission. We go through the issues that have brought you to see me, I will take a full history from you and we can discuss whether clinical testing options are needed to delve into what has happened to get you to this point. If you are currently taking medications, I will review the impact of those and see whether there is any possibility they are contributing to your symptoms. I will provide you with a plan detailing the foods you need to include and/or reduce, lifestyle areas you can address to minimise your symptoms and their root cause and possibly supplements to support you whilst we bring your diet and daily routine up to a place that you can maintain whilst feeling great.

Our second appointment will go through how you've been getting on with your plan, successes and challenges, what changes you've noticed in your symptoms etc. If we decided on testing, we will go through the results and discuss the impact. I will tweak your plan to reflect everything we discuss and we'll book in for your third appointment.

Ongoing appointments will reflect the second appointment and allow us to evaluate progress, catch new symptoms if they arise, incorporate new diagnoses or test results etc. as they come to light.


If you wish to continue with your sessions after your package concludes, we can organise that on a session by session basis or you can book another package with me.

Bronze Package - £385

3 Appointments

Designed to allow you to monitor your progress and make tweaks and changes along the way. We can look at any test results you already have and build a plan to suit your needs. Appointments would be held over a period of 12 weeks, with 6 weeks between. Frequency of appointments can be altered according to need.

Appointments must be used within 16 weeks of initial appointment - this can only be extended if we are waiting for lab results to be returned.

Silver Package - £445 

3 Appointments & 2 Catch Up Calls

If you know you need a little extra support to stay on track then this is for you. We will still have face to face appointments every 6 weeks, we will also catch up in between with a catch up call. I'll check in with you to make sure you're doing ok, that you're managing to implement changes, help you troubleshoot if you're finding something challenging and generally making sure that you remember you're not in this alone!

Appointments must be used within 16 weeks of initial appointment - this can only be extended if we are waiting for lab results to be returned.

Gold Package - £685

3 Appointments and 9 Catch Up Calls

This package gives you incredible ongoing support. This is for people who would like a weekly check in. Maximum accountability for you and the ability to make running tweaks and amendments wherever you need. If you know that to stay on track, you need a high level of contact and support, this is definitely the plan for you. 

We will schedule your initial appointment and follow ups then each week that we don't have a face to face session, we will have a catch up call. Calls can be scheduled depending on your availability and flexibility is absolutely key so we can make it work for you, rather than make you work for it.

Appointments must be used within 16 weeks of initial appointment - this can only be extended if we are waiting for lab results to be returned.

Hedgerow Holistic Good Guts Quick Start

Self Study Online Course - COMING SOON

I will be looking for a limited number of Beta testers to trial this programme at a heavily discounted rate very soon. Please click here if you'd like to register interest.

Online appointments are held via the Practice Better portal, the link will be in your appointment confirmation if you have chosen an online appointment. 

In person appointments will be held at the location specified in your confirmation email, either in Guildford or Godalming. 


Please allow up to 2hrs for your initial appointment, 1 hr for follow ups and 30mins for catch up calls.

Clinical testing is always additional to your programme/appointment fee. Test fees are set by the laboratories and are charged at RRP. 

With ALL clinical testing, please stop taking your supplements 5 days prior to the test. We need to know what your body baseline is, not your supported level on supplements. DO NOT STOP TAKING PRESCRIBED MEDICATIONS, THIS APPLIES ONLY TO SUPPLEMENTS.

Vitamin D tests are recommended alongside all programmes. Vitamin D deficiency is extremely widespread in the global population (especially in the Northern hemisphere). These are available through me, for a cost of £32.50, where not available through your local GP. 

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