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A little something from personal experience...

I originally wrote this for the page of 'my' lovely shop (the wonderful Natural Life Shop, I've worked there for 3 years now!), however, it's as relevent here as there so I thought I'd share with you too!

Immunity & recovery - some basic tips

So after a recent bout of tonsillitis, I thought it might be time to share a few tips on how to beat an infection quickly! I usually go down for weeks with something like this and although I knew why, I've had it confirmed in stereo this past week! Basically, we have well and truly lost the art of convalescing. We tend to be so 'on' all the time, a million and one responsibilities etc. that there's no time to be ill. It really has to stop! We are absolutely not designed to run ourselves into the ground consequence free! Now I'm as guilty of this as everyone else, I hate calling in sick, feel like I'm letting boss and colleagues down (and in previous jobs was really made to feel like I was too!) and in previous years I never had the decency to get sick when I was at home. I was always falling ill when I was house sitting and therefore on my own, with none of my remedies around, no one to cook for me or pick up any of the slack, oh and lovely dogs which still need their walks! Not to mention work at the shop, teaching zumba (it's startlingly difficult to get cover for classes!) etc. So you can see how I was getting myself in to a prolonged mess of never getting what I needed to fight the bug effectively! It nearly always resulted in a 2 week battle. 4 days of which I could barely swallow. Fast forward to this year, finally I'm home! I have a little help with food, no dogs to be responsible for and the ability to start dosing myself up as soon as needed! My regimen for this time was: 1000mg Lipolife Liposomal Vit C 20mg BioCare Nutrisorb Zinc Complex 1ml Nature's Plus Olive Leaf Tincture BioCare Vit C Powder in my homemade, sugar free lemonade (extra 3-5g vit C per day) A Vogel Echinacea & Sage Throat Spray One Nutrition Vegan Vit D Spray Colliodal Silver Spray REST!!! Now that may seem like a lot however, I always take vitamin D (my autoimmunity has a higher requirement than usual), and I always have colloidal silver and echinacea & sage sprays in my medicine cabinet because they're so darned handy!!! This reduced my 2 weeks to 1 week and reduced my usual 4/5 days of no food and minimal liquid to about 36 hours. I genuinely could not believe how quickly I started feeling better this time! The most important thing was actually rest. Shock horror! Not having to do anything or rush back to work, having someone look after me made all the difference! I know not everyone lives with someone that would be able to do this for them but maybe make an arrangement with a nearby friend or relative that if either of you is struck down, the other will provide a batch cooked soup to keep the invalid going throughout their illness! At least you can minimise the cooking needed. Oh and mutually beneficial dog walking pacts in case of illness can be a life line too! Homemade Lemonade Recipe! This was the only thing I was even remotely tempted to drink throughout my illness and luckily it was beneficial on so many levels! Lemon juice to support my liver ( and a little added vitamin C), plenty of water to keep me well hydrated, and the magic ingredient - BioCare Vitamin C Powder! You can add as much or as little as you want, I went for an extra 1000mg in each bottle as I know I have a good bowel tolerance for it (yes that's right, vitamin C can make you need to run for the loo if consumed in excess...!), so my lemonade was:

  • 1l of either sparking or still water

  • 50ml Lemon Juice

  • Sweetner - I used stevia drops to just take the edge off the lemon but you could absolutely use honey, even manuka, for maximum infection fighting benefit

  • BioCare Vit C powder to tolerance!

Mix up in a water bottle of your choosing and refill as often as needed!

Lastly, I cannot stress this enough; REST!

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