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Hedgerow Health was born from a passion for helping people to make the absolute best of their health and get back to that feeling of vitality which so many of us lose in the mad, fast-paced, stress filled modern world we live in today.


Whether you’re dealing with active health challenges, looking for ways to support yourself though a stressful time, trying to reduce your risk of something 'in the family' like high blood pressure or high cholesterol or seeking a bit more knowledge about how to train in a healthy, balanced way I can help explain what you body is doing and how it's coping (or why it isn't coping!), where you might need a little more support and how to get back to feeling great!


I really want to help you to take control of your health and firmly believe we need to move away from expecting a magic pill to cure every ill. Before the advent of the NHS we were far more responsible for our own health; more aware of the impact how we lived, what we ate and what we did on our health and wellbeing. These days it is often found that once we get to the point where we really need NHS care, there were several changes we could have made to head off the problem before it escalated. I'm here to help you do that.


Together we can get to the bottom of your niggling health issues such as; low mood and anxiety, weight management, high blood pressure, cholesterol imbalance, elevated blood glucose, pain and inflammation, fertility etc. We can even work towards reducing your risk of conditions which have run in your family, such as cardiovascular disease, atherosclerosis and many others.

We will delve into your history, look at your the food you eat as well as what's going on in your life and around you in order to identify any underlying problems contributing to how you're feeling. With a full range of clinical testing available, we can dicuss any areas you're curious about (genetics and immunity seem to be themain areas of interest at the moment) as well as those which could shine a light on any tricky areas of your health.

I'm not into extreme diets, full on fasting for beginners or any other crazy fads you may be worried I might suggest. Everything we do will be working towards balance and happiness and that's not going to happen for most people on a diet restricted to broccoli and plain chicken.....


I can also give hints and tips on natural first aid and how to build a more natural medicine cabinet at home. 

Often we rely so heavily on lotions and potions from the pharmacy, forgetting that some of the most natural things, like; honey, ginger, echinacea, garlic, elderberry, arnica, tea tree, lavender, mint, aloe vera and lemon (not forgetting colloidal silver!) can have the most profound impact upon mild infections, digestive discomfort and a massive variety of scrapes, bumps and bruises.

Short consultations are available for minor ailments, just get in touch if you'd like to take your home health care a little bit closer to nature.

Lets face it, anything we can do to help take a bit of the strain off of our dangerously over-stretched NHS services can only be a good thing!

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