Hi I'm Jodie, a Nutritional Therapist.

At the core of Hedgerow Health is a fundamental belief in real food (I'm a massive food lover!), doing something you love every day and keeping it simple! Good nutrition doesn't have to be, and indeed shouldn't be, complicated!

I came to nutrition through my own health challenges, including autoimmunity (my diagnosis is systemic lupus erythematosus & antiphospholipid syndrome; 10 points if you can say that secondone out loud on your first attempt!) and disordered eating. I can honestly say, I understand, I'm here for you, I totally get it. A huge amount of my journey has been down to mindset change. The realisation and acceptance that;

a) I didn't have to put up with how things were, I deserved better

b) No one else was going to do the leg work for me. They quite literally couldn't. You know the phrase 'You can lead a horse to water...', never has that been more true. Only you are responsible for what you put in your mouth, on your skin and how you treat your body.

I had to take responsibility. Hands down, it was the best decision I ever made! 

I had to totally re-evaluate my life, from addressing my terrible eating habits, right down to 9-5 (more like 8-6.30ish...) job that was slowly killing any hope that I would ever feel better. Everything got the Marie Kondo treatment; if it didn't add value, it went. Including the alleged 9-5. 

I rediscovered real food is fuel for all the amazing things we want to do with our time and energy. It's nourishment for our family life, it can provide comfort, healing and joy.

Ultimately, our relationship with food has become so warped by constant availability of unlimited foods (and frankenstein foods; margerine, I'm looking right at you!) that it seems like we've forgotten the fundamental basics about nourishing and nurturing our bodies with what they need.


Instead we reach for coffee and pastries, or a bacon sandwich, to flog our exhausted bodies through to the lunch time sandwich. Fill our snack time with packets of crisps, cakes, more biscuits to see us through to dinner. Which we then don't put too much thought into because we're exhausted from the days endeavours, have multiple fussy people to feed, have limited time etc.. Then just to feel like there's some 'me' time in the evening, a glass of wine, beer or a G&T, maybe some chocolate or ice cream as a 'treat' for getting through the day. The battle goes on, usually in front of the TV , laptop, iPad, mobile phone.

So, if it's time to break the cycle, get in touch for a free discovery call and lets talk about what you want to fix and how you can achieve it! I promise I don't recommend quitting your job as a standard therapy.....